School: Mocklershill, Caiseal (roll number 14256)

Mocklershill, Co. Tipperary
Seán Ó Domhnaill

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Mocklershill, Caiseal | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0555, Page 020

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Prices live in Coleraine House. The Prices were landlords in this district. There were two branches. The others lived in Mayfield House, now the residence of Mr Henry Quinn. In addition to Coleraine they owned Ardmoyle Mayfield Woodhouse Monamow. It is said that they were originally chandlers in Cashel. When Cashel was taken over in Cromwells time they bought a number of firkins of tallow seized by the Cromwellians on the Rock of Cashel. On examining the firkins they found that each firkin was filled with gold overlaid with tallow. This founded their fortunes, and they acquired much land. One of the Prices was summoned on Fr Sheehy's jury and refused to act being fined one thousand pounds. One branch of the family is Catholic and reside in Co. Kildare.
There is a well in Coleraine called Drohilla. It is said that an evil woman once washed her child in this well and the well removed, breaking up a short distance away, the old well becoming dry. This well is in a grove called now Quinns Grove.


There were many houses in the district long ago. James Wallace lived just above the school on the same side.
Stephen Ryan two families in one house which was divided
Pat Ryan one door facing road and the other in the end facing Kilconnell. They were basketmakers

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