School: Baile Treasna, Caisleán Mumhan (Ballytarsney) (roll number 15970)

Ballytarsna (Hackett), Co. Tipperary
Seán Ó Freathaile

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Baile Treasna, Caisleán Mumhan (Ballytarsney) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0554, Page 103

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to-gether, it is a sign they will get married. If they jump away from one another, it is a sign that they will not be married.
8. When the cock comes to the door and crows in, the old woman in the corner blesses herself and says good news from God to us all.
9. If sparks from a fire jump towards you it is a sign of money to you.
10. If a man came into a house with a fork on his shoulder, he should go out the same way or he would grow no taller.
11. Long ago people put a piece of butter in the dairy to prevent other people from taking their butter.