School: Baile Treasna, Caisleán Mumhan (Ballytarsney) (roll number 15970)

Ballytarsna (Hackett), Co. Tipperary
Seán Ó Freathaile

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0554, Page 102

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1. The Magpie - Going out in the morning if you meet one magpie, it is a sign of bad luck. Two for good luck. Three for a wedding. Four for a wake. Five for gold. Six for silver. Seven for a secret never to be told.
2. If a man going to work, or to a fair in the morning met a red haired woman, he should turn back, or he would have bad luck.
3. If a hen came into the kitchen with a straw on her tail, a visitor would come on that day.
4. When a sod of turf falls from the fire it means another stranger.
5. If you break a cup or any piece of delph, you will break three.
6. In olden times the people believed in lighting a furze bush on the four corners of a field in the month of May to preserve their crops from anybody taking them.
7. On Halloween boys and girls put nuts in the fire. They place each two together, one representing a boy, and the other a girl. If the nuts hop

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