School: Baile Treasna, Caisleán Mumhan (Ballytarsney) (roll number 15970)

Ballytarsna (Hackett), Co. Tipperary
Seán Ó Freathaile

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0554, Page 096

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1. Ballytarsna. Beside the castle of Ballytarsna there is a graveyard which is used to the present day. It is a small graveyard with the ruins of a small church in it.
The last Hackett who lived in Ballytarsna castle was buried in this graveyard in a stone-coffin. This coffin was taken up some years ago and is at present, a holy water font, on the right aisle as you go into Cashel Catholic Church.
2. Ballysheehan. This graveyard is about three Irish miles to the north of the town of Cashel. It is a quarter of a mile in from the main road but the old Cashel-Moycarkey old road passes by it. People are buried in it at present. There is the ruins of a fairly big old church in it.
When Inchiquin was marching to sack Cashel in 1650, he passed by this graveyard. His men fired a chain cannon at it and where the cannon balls holed the church can be

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