School: Baile Treasna, Caisleán Mumhan (Ballytarsney) (roll number 15970)

Ballytarsna (Hackett), Co. Tipperary
Seán Ó Freathaile

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Farm Animals

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0554, Page 094

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The usual farm animals are horses, asses, jennets and mules, cows, bullocks, calves, sheep, ewes and lambs. The fowl include hens, chickens, ducks, geese and bantom hens, and turkeys.
Names. The mare is called Fannie, and the horse Captain.. Neddy and Moll they call the asses. Cows are called after their colours, or kind, Polly cow, Foxy cows, the kicker, and sometimes they are called by the names of people, whom they were purchased from when young.
Tying. The cows are mostly tied with chains. The stakes that the chains are on are called bales. When milking cows some people spansel them, to keep them from kicking.
Calling. When People are calling, or bringing cows they say how-how. Calves - suck, suck. Pigs - bock, bock. When calling hens they say chuck-chuck. Ducks feedy-feedy. Turkeys, be. be. be and geese geig-geig.
Setting Eggs - When setting eggs for hatching they put a cross on them and shake holy-water on them

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