School: Baile Treasna, Caisleán Mumhan (Ballytarsney) (roll number 15970)

Ballytarsna (Hackett), Co. Tipperary
Seán Ó Freathaile

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0554, Page 088

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There are various kinds of herbs.
1. The dandelion boil it and the water it is boiled in is given for a bad stomach
2. The garlac is used for taking worms out of cows tails, and it is lucky to keep a plant of it in the house.
3. The nettle is mixed through porridge for turkeys.
4. The marsh-mallows are good for diseases in the head.
5. Thistles are good for cows and pigs.
6. Pruiseac is a weed that spreads quickly in the garden and is very bad for the crop it is growing in.
7. Red clover flowers used for coughs, and in the treatment of a cancer.
8. Hop flowers, valuable tonic for the stomach and nerves, Also for indigestion and worms
9. Ginger root, used generally for colds spasms and flatulence.

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