School: Rahelty, Dúrlas Éile (roll number 4513)

Rahelty, Co. Tipperary
Tadhg Mac Domhnaill

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Guider's Mills

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0553, Page 179a

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Guider's Mills

Guider's Mill is situated about five miles from Thurles. Long ago plenty of fairies were seen there. A man was seen walking in the vicinity of the mill without any head on followed by a woman and children dressed in white with horns about two feet long out of their heads. The last thing seen was a skeleton surrounded with balls of fire. The skeleton moved three times around the mill then uttered some sarcastic words and vanished from the sight of a shivering mob. Long ago a great concert was held there, that night at midnight terrible noises were heard in the mill, all lights were extinguished by

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