School: Thurles (No. 2) (roll number 13605)

Thurles, Co. Tipperary
Frances E. Walsh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0553, Page 029

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0553, Page 029

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  1. It will be apt to rain
    He is burying to-day
    He broke it into [bruss?]
    Let us make a chaney house (Game played by children with broken pieces of delph).
    He is very crabbit
    He is drownded (wet through)
    Feeny, feeny (A call to bring ducks to their food).
    He was sliding on his grug on the ice
    I gave the whole day working
    Ask a child how his mother is and he will invariably say "She is grand" meaning she is very well.
    The name "Hakeycock" applied to a cross old woman.
    Come Hether, or Bring it hether meaning 'come here' or 'bring it here'
    "All the lads - applied to one's young friends -- boys and girls alike.
    'Lough' applied to a pool of water on the road or in the yard.
    It is milling rain meaning 'pouring'
    A noody-nawdy person -- a milk
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