School: Inch, Borrisoleigh (roll number 2836)

Inch, Co. Tipperary
Mrs Delaney

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Eamon an Chnoic

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0550, Page 338

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Ned of the hills an Galloping Hogan often resorted to a den of theirs between Pallas and Annfield near the Clodagh to lie in wait for the straggling parties of the Borrisoleigh soldiers on their ? return home in the evening after pursuing the wild Irish during the day.
Hogan was a smith apprentice at Ballycahill, after putting on a shoe one day of a dragoons horse, he mounted the horse to ride for his own amusement, while the soldier was drinking, the soldier vowed vengenance when they met the threats were repeated "well said Hogan taking a pistol out of his pocket, said, "I will have the first of the joke and he shot the soldier, seeing his case was desperate he fled and joined Ned Ryan of the Hills.
Ned Ryan was born in the parish of Upperchurch previous to the year 1690. He was intended for the Priesthood, he was educated on the continent but he did not become a priest and he returned to Upperchurch.
He was pursued

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Edmond Butler
Annfield, Co. Tipperary