School: Inch, Borrisoleigh (roll number 2836)

Inch, Co. Tipperary
Mrs Delaney

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Inch, Borrisoleigh | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0550, Page 326

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"I want no Rhymes no poems or songs
But please, sir will you mend my tongs."
The Smith said Bill that is well said. Bill replied
"Well begun and well ended
But William Ryan's tongs must be mended."
On another occasion a girl asked Bill if her brother had gone home from a hurling.
"Nora so many are coming and going,
I didn't remark Owen."
Once Bill went into a neighbour's field for nettles for his turkeys. The neighbour objected remarking she needed the nettles for her own fowl whereupon Bill answered
"The devil is on the Diocese
If I can't come for nettles as far as Matthias's"
On another occasion a soldier was passing when Bill happened to be digging in the garden the soldier "you are a lazy man over a spade"
"Twould be so with yourself if you were to attack it
And for the same reason you wore the red jacket."
Such stories are woven around this little churchyard and Abbey ruins. Occasionally there is yet a funeral to the grave yard but soon probably the last of the families will be gathered together within its old walls and the stories will be all forgotten.

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Mary Butler
Annfield, Co. Tipperary