School: Killea (roll number 14460)

Killea, Co. Tipperary
Éamonn Mac Craith
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0546, Page 013

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0546, Page 013

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  1. Maher at Clonmel
    There was a Maher at Clonakenny one time and he was ordered to Clonmel to be tried.
    He was a great horseman and he rode to Clonmel and was sentenced to be hanged.
    The English promised him that he rode his horse along the battlements of the bridge his life would be spared.
    The horse was got ready and Maher mounted him. He jumped him on to the wall and rode from one side of the river to the other.
    "My life is my own now", says Maher.
    "Not while there is a rope in Clonmel to hang you", says the English. Maher jumped the horse back on the road, he got down and pulled a paper out of his pocket and wrote a message on it. He put it under the saddle and fixed the reins and gave the horse a slap of his hand and told him to go.
    The horse never stopped till he ran into the stable at Clonakenny then he died and Maher's wife got the message. Maher was hanged there and then.
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    Paddy Egan