School: Ceathrú na hAille (Carnahallia) (roll number 7416)

Cahernahallia, Co. Tipperary
Máirtín Ó Madadhain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0540, Page 376

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0540, Page 376

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  1. The most noted landlord in our district were the Bagwells of Greenfields, and the Earl de Montalte who lived in Dundrum. No one remembers having heard when they first settled here, but they had owned the lands in question for several generations. They were not looked upon as especially bad land lords, yet like most of their kind, they were snobbish and arrogant, and looked down upon the ordinary people.
    The Earl - Lord Haywarden to give him his other title, was especially of this type. He was usually saw walking on the roads surrounding his estate, and always carried a bill-hook, or kind of sickle, with which he cut down noxious weeds and loose brambles as he walked along. He was a mean-looking miserable speciman of a man, anything indeed but one's conception of an Earl; and the following anecdote will move to show what little respect he was held in locally. A carefree farmer, then known as "The Doctor" was on his way home from the fair of Cashel. It had been a good fair, and the Doctor was in good humour. As he came into the vicinity of Dundrum, he met a little man, whom he took to be a beggar-man, and of whom he took no particular notice. He then heard himself addressed in these words "My good man, do you know who I am"? "No, replied the Doctor. "Well", said the other, "I am the Earl de Manteelte," "Oh
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