School: Ceathrú na hAille (Carnahallia) (roll number 7416)

Cahernahallia, Co. Tipperary
Máirtín Ó Madadhain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0540, Page 322

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0540, Page 322

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  1. Old Crafts
    Years ago the only ploughs used were made of wood, socks, board, handles and beam were fashioned to do the work but not the foundry has up-to-date ones in chills and even ploughing tractors worked by engines. As to manufacture of spades there is still one firm in Limerick city named Downey's making them in the old fashion and the smiths in the forges are making very nice gates towards the ones in former times. and cranes were hammered out of wheel bands. In olden times the candles were made from rushes peeled and dipped in tallow, soap was also made from tallow and starch made from potatoes even yet there are made at households. Thatching was an important work and reed, that is, wheaten straw threshed with the old fashioned flail and raked out and when well put up would hold for years and is warm on houses. Woodwork is always in being and coopering is gone out of fashion altogether. Ned Ryan at the cross and his father, also Mick Maher, Glengar, were great hands at is it making barrels for the cram. Also cans which
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