School: Boher, Bushfield. Nenagh (roll number 9190)

Boher, Co. Tipperary
Margaret A. Malone

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Boher, Bushfield. Nenagh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0538, Page 259

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Local Cures

In former days the following cures were sought in this parish.
Bhin Bough
(a) The milk left by a ferret on his feeding pan if drunk by a person with Bhin Bough was supposed to cure it.
(b) If the Bhin Bough were in the family, a member went out on the road, and if he saw a man riding a grey horse he said to him, 'Man, man grey horse, what cures the Bhin Bough?" Whatever he said was a cure - suppose a drink of water cured it.
(c) There is an insect called the 'Hairy Molly'; he was put in a bag and carried around the neck of the person until the bhin bough was cured.

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