School: Cill an Daingin, Nenagh (roll number 6658)

Killadangan, Co. Tipperary
Pádraig Ó hOgáin

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Cill an Daingin, Nenagh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0534, Page 172

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The horse's house is called a stable. The stable is generally roofed with slates. There is a portion put in the stable between each horse. There is a manger in front of the horse's head which hold a supply of hay. In front of each horse there is a trough. The trough holds oats, mangolds and turnips for the horse.
According to story people should not shoe a horse in or near a stable. Once there was a man named Mr Devane and nothing would satisfy him only to have the horse shod in the stable. The smith came and shod the horse in the stable. Every night after that there was shoeing going on in the stable and it used to

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