School: Cill an Daingin, Nenagh (roll number 6658)

Killadangan, Co. Tipperary
Pádraig Ó hOgáin

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Fairy Forts

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0534, Page 068

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Fairy Forts
There is one fort in my grandfather's field. There is a gap leading to it.
One of my grandfather was ploughing outside the fort when he ploughed up some money.
One night a man was passing the fort on his way home. He heard the fairies playing music. The played a jig over and over again until at last the man knew it off by heart.
When they were finished the man gave a cheer for the fairies. The fairies came out and told John, for that was the man's name, never to whistle that tune.
John said he would not.
One night John was at a dance and he started whistling the tune. All of a sudden the lamps were quenched. When the lamps were lit again John was missing. He was never. The fairies took him for whistling the tune. Supplied by:- James Kennedy, Puckane

James Kennedy
Puckaun, Co. Tipperary