School: Ballymartin, Croom (roll number 4466)

Ballymartin, Co. Limerick
Teresa Lynch
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0525, Page 080

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0525, Page 080

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  1. It is related that a number of farm labourers (spailpi) from Tory Hill went to the small county potato dig.
    The farmer who employed them had always his own special men with whom the spailini should keep up.They awoke at dawn and cleaned the drills or ridges of weeds, stalks etc. They then went to breakfast and after breakfast returned to dig. When they ceased work at night they had supper and were advised by the farmer to go to bed.
    Paddy Lysaght of Tory Hill slipped out before bedtime and returned shortly afterwards.
    When morning came the men arose very late because the man of the house had benn waiting for the dawn, whereas Paddy Lysaght had plastered the windows with cow dung in the dark of the previous night and so the dawnlight had not entered.
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    Patrick Allen
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