School: Domhnach Mór, Luimneach (roll number 16118)

Donaghmore, Co. Limerick
Aingeal Nic Aodha Bhuidhe

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Domhnach Mór, Luimneach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0525, Page 003

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Sores. Sores were cured by a weed called (bleoinín mhaith). This weed had to be heated and then stuck to the sores. They were then supposed to heal.
Patrick O'Connell 16.11.37

Patrick O' Connell

Whooping Cough.
1. Get garlic and boil it, then mix the liquid in which it was boiled with whiskey and give it to the child to drink.

Peggy Halpin 16-11-1937
2. Another cure for whooping cough was to allow the child walk under a white horse, then ask the owner of the horse a cure for whooping cough and whatever he will say it is supposed to cure the child.
Peggy Halpin 16-11-1937