School: Monaleen, (C.) Luimneach (roll number 7916)

Monaleen, Co. Limerick
Mrs. M. Ó Farrell

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Local Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0524, Page 119

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People in olden times in this district sought remedies for their ailments in the herbs found in the fields and ditches. Also in certain holy wells.
1. Garlic was a cure for coughs and colds. It was first boiled and then the liquid strained and drunk.
2. Dandelion was a cure for jaundice. It was boiled in milk. Some say it was also for curing rheumatism.
3. Cockle root found in woody places was a cure for rheumatism. It was boiled, strained, and the juice taken fasting in the morning.
4. The milk of dandelion and chicken weed was used for curing warts.
5. Yarrow was also gathered, boiled, strained and drunk for pains in the joints.
6. Onions were used raw for chilblains.
7. Dock leaf cured the sting of a nettle.
8. A man with a white horse was supposed to cure "chin" cough. Should a mother of a child suffering from this cough meet a man with a white horse and ask him for a cure whatever he said was a sure cure. Even a drink of water.