School: Monaleen, (C.) Luimneach (roll number 7916)

Monaleen, Co. Limerick
Mrs. M. Ó Farrell

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Monaleen, (C.) Luimneach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0524, Page 115

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After a month the bridal pair came back to the brides home. They were accompanied by many guests and the horses were taken from under the car of the couple and then drawn in home. This was known as the "hauling home".

Kilmurry got its name from an old church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. On the same spot is a Protestant Church and Churchyard at the present day.
Annacotty is so called because of a ford on the river Mulcair where the bridge now stands. It means the ford of the small cots or boats of the fishermen.
At Ballyclough was another ford, means the ford of the stones. There is

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