School: Monaleen, (C.) Luimneach (roll number 7916)

Monaleen, Co. Limerick
Mrs. M. Ó Farrell

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Monaleen, (C.) Luimneach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0524, Page 109

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There was a man who went to the doctor because he was ailing. The doctor gave him a bottle and told him to take it in water. Every time the man drank from the bottle he sat into a bucket of water.

1. What is that which is full of holes yet holds water? (A sponge.)
2. What is it a poor man has, a rich man wants, a deaf man hears and a blind man hears (sees?) Ans. (nothing).
3. If you get up on an ass, where would you get down? (Off a goose.)
4. What is it that walks with its head down? (A nail on your boot)
5. What is it that has hands and can't wash its face? (A clock)
6. What did Adam first plant in the Garden of Eden? (his foot)

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Teresa Foley
Annacotty, Co. Limerick