School: Tinateriffe, Cappamore (roll number 7569)

Tinnatarriff, Co. Limerick
Eibhlin, Bean Uí Riain

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Paddy Grogan the Piper

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0520, Page 058

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Once upon a time and a very good time it was. It was neighter your time nor my time or anybodyelse's time. It was when pigs were swine, when turkeys chewed tobacco, when swallows build their nests in old men's beard five mile asunder. This was the year of the resurrection. Long ago we were all sitting around the fire just as we are now, when there did a knock come to the door. Go Paddy says my mother and see who is that abroad. Says I, don't you know me Paddy says he, the devil a taste says I, don't you know Paddy Grogan the Piper says he. O thunder and turf, is that you Paddy. The devil a wan else says he, open the door and let me in. O traught, I dare not for if the Russians or the yoes would come they would surely murder you for that same reason. Paddy open the door and let me in traught I dare not but there is a clean lock of straw abroad there in the cowshed and you are better make no delay until your

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Martin Connors
Dromalta, Co. Limerick