School: Faill Uí Chléirigh (roll number 16240)

Foilycleara, Co. Limerick
Ml. Ó Heachthigheirn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0519, Page 318

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0519, Page 318

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  1. Eamon ui Cnuic & his Hidden Treasure as related by Mr Jas Maher, Groughmakeen, Farmer, aged 33 yrs.
    Eamon called one day at a house in Laccnagoneeny (Leaca na gConiní) where lived people named Dawson. The dinner was almost ready & Ned waited for it. He had a considerable amount of treasure, gold etc with him. The potatoes were boiled and the woman of the house was going to "strain" them. Ned said he would go out and hide the treasure.
    She scarcely had the dinner on the table when he back again, so he could not have gone far. He was betrayed and murdered soon after, and the treasure was never found. People named Whelans are living in the place now. The place is marked on the sketch map.
    (I heard a Radio Play on the wireless some time ago & the 1st scene was laid in Laccnagoneeny I wonder did the writer know of above story?)
    In that play I heard Ned was married to a Miss Mary Leahy from Kilkenny. I never heard the from the people here around. I have heard he is buried in the graveyard in Doon (where I expect to be some day myself). His grave can not be pointed out.
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    Mr James Maher
    Curraghakimikeen, Co. Limerick