School: Bilboa (B.) (roll number 15692)

Bilboa, Co. Limerick
Seán Ó Heidhin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0519, Page 021

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0519, Page 021

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  1. My Home District
    My home district is in Portnard. It is in the parish of Murroe, and in the Barony of Owneybeg. There are twenty eight families in my district. The family name most common is Blackwell. There are some people in my district over seventy. They are not able to tell stories either in Irish or English.
    Houses were more numerous at that time than at present. There are many houses which at one time were good and are now in ruins. People emigrated in great numbers at that time. My district is not mentioned in any song or saying.
    In my district the land is hilly and boggy. There is a wood growing in the land of Mr Blackwell. There is a river flowing through the land of Con Berkery. There is no story connected with the lakes, rivers, streams, in my district.
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    Portnard, Co. Limerick