School: Nicker (C.), Pallas Green (roll number 14232)

Nicker, Co. Limerick
Miss Annie Kelly
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0518, Page 223

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0518, Page 223

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  1. The wild birds found in my district are the robin, gold finch, green finch, blackbird, lark, thrush, willy wagtail, magpie, linnet, crow, sparrow, Jackdaw.
    The robin builds her nest in an old kettle or an old pan or in an old hat. She makes her nest of moss and hay. she lays four white eggs with brown spots on them.
    The blackbird builds her nest in a white thorn bush. She makes her nest of moss and hay and lines it with mud. she lays two bluish green eggs with black spots on them.
    The lark builds her nest in the meadows. She makes her nest of grass. it is very hard to find her nest. I do not know how many eggs she lays.
    The crow builds her nest on the top of a very high tree. She makes her nest of sticks and twigs and paper and
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    Margaret Mc Mahon
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