School: Gráinseach, Cill Mocheallóg (roll number 9970)

Grange, Co. Limerick
Tomás Ó Loínsigh

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Gráinseach, Cill Mocheallóg | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0516, Page 418

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Holy Wells
1. Patrickswell

Patrickswell is situated about a mile and a half south-east of Lough Gur in the County Limerick. It is in the parish of Knockainey. The local inhabitants say that St. Patrick slept a night under a tree near this well. The tree can still be seen near the well. It is very tall and thick. (The)
The well is divided into 3 parts.
The first part of the well, where the water rises up out the ground is partly covered with stone flags and the water of which cannot be boiled because a local inhabitant cut down some of St. Patricks Tree (which grew over the well) for firewood.
It is said that a curse befell the local tree cutter and *himself suffered mental agony afterwards and his family and cousins died without issue.
Every St. Patrick's
*Named Connolly with 2 cousins named (1) Connolly (2) Tiby [?] (3) and Dineen =

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Mrs William Casey
Kilballyowen, Co. Limerick