School: Cromadh (B.)

Croom, Co. Limerick
Dáithí Ó Ceanntabhail

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Cromadh (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0507, Page 016

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When I was a small boy I used hear it said, when it snowed, that "they were plucking geese in heaven".

When I was a small boy, I used hear it said, when it snowed, that "they were plucking geese in Heaven". I have been reminded of the saying by seeing a similar comparison made in one of the school books.


(?) the rhyme on the preceding page,
-15- the habit of putting the names of persons into jingling rhymes prevailed in my home are too. The name Cantwell was never as pronounced there, being always "Can-fill" with the emphasis on the "Can". My childish vanity was sorely wounded when it was linked to the phrase "Don't be romancing" and the jingle poured on my offended ears. "Don't be romancing, says Davy Canfill".

Potatoes formed an important part of the food of both man and animal in my native district. I remember that on more than one occasion, I heard the remark. "The white horse is coming on them" used to signify that they had begun to boil. It was always said when the water began to make great white bubbles around the edge of the pot.

In submitting the following item, which I received from Paddy McNamara, (Home assistance officer) of

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