School: Cromadh (B.)

Croom, Co. Limerick
Dáithí Ó Ceanntabhail

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Cromadh (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0506, Page 596

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There was an old man who used break stones on the roadside in Ballycahane. He was noted for his ready tongue and long hair, which hung down in grey curls over his coat collar. A local man who was something of a wit when passing in his car one day by the stonebreaker, called out to him "Couldn't you cut your hair Tom" "Is it blocking the oard on you Ned?" replied the stonebreaker, and Ned drove on.

Somewhere along a straight line from the top of Druim Asail to the top of Cnoc Fírinne a giant is buried. In his coffin was placed a lot of gold. No one has ever found it.

"Where the "high gardens" are now there was a grave-yard long ago and there used be noises heard there". (Murphy O h Aoda a fuaip ó n a rean-mácaip ir ó mnaor cile, bpíd nic Geapaiht.) Note: These "high gardens" were part of the Dunraven property and it is highly probable that they are the "gardens of Croome" which were confiscated in 1642. The position of the graveyard supposed above to have been there, differs but very slightly with that mentioned in Cuid I as having been opposite Mulqueen's Hotel. All this district-where the graveyards are said to have been - are in Skagh and Westropp mentioned, I think in Vol. 25 Proc. of R.I.A that there was a church known as Teampall Sceac in

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