School: Cromadh (B.)

Croom, Co. Limerick
Dáithí Ó Ceanntabhail

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Local Tradtions - Miscellaneous

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0506, Page 565

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One May-day morning, very early, a priest was going on a sick call. His way lay over a hill at the foot of which the road branched. While he was climbing the hill road he heard a voice on the lower road repeating in a loud monotone "gather all to me", "gather all to me." The priest looking down the slope, saw a woman passing in and out under a briar which had grown up, arched over, and taken root again where it struck the ground. The priest did not understand the woman's actions or expressions and by way of a joke and to intimate his presence, he called aloud "and leave some to me", "and leave some to me". He then went on his way. When he returned later on in the morning he found hs housekeeper in a predicament. The priest's cow had milked so much that all the available vessels at the housekeeper's disposal were overflowing and scarcely then able to contain the quantity of milk which the cow had yielded. Worse still, when the housekeeper came to churn the cream from the milk which still continued to come so plentifully there was such an extraordinary yield of butter that the priest as well as the housekeeper became alarmed. He then sought counsel with some other priests who having heard his story, informed him that he had got his neighbours' milk and butter, through his unwitting interference in the woman's spells and charms. The following Sunday, he spoke about the

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Donnchadh O Donnghaile
Risteárd de Buitléir