School: Áth Dara (C.)

Adare, Co. Limerick
Máire Boardman

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Festival Customs - St Patrick's Day

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0506, Page 081

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St Patrick's Day falls on the 17th March every year, because on that day St Patrick was buried in Downpatrick. He is the patron Saint of Ireland. It is public holiday and works of all kinds are closed down, special services are held in the churches, and a very special hymn is sung called "St Patrick's Breastplate".

It is an old custom for everybody to wear a spray of shamrock on that day, because when St Patrick was teaching the people about God with the three leaf shamrock explaining to them how there were three persons in the Godhead and they were all co-equal.
Irish harps and green ribbons and crosses are worn on St Patrick's Day also.
St Patrick's Day is a feast day. It is a break in the seven weeks of Lent. It is customary to have dances and concerts and Ceilidhthe are also held.
Long ago the Public houses used to be open and it was customary to threat each other with drink called "Patrick's Pot", but now St Patrick's Day is a sober day and

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Phyllis Miller
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