School: Granagh (C.), Brúgh Ríogh (roll number 9928)

Granagh, Co. Limerick
Máire Ní Leidhin

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Holy Wells

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0499, Page 177

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Holly Wells
There are three Blessed wells in this parish, one at lees cross, one in Liskennett and one behind the Granagh creamery.
the one behind the creamery is in Mr Hartnetts land now but its in the land belonged to Mrs Hartigan one time.
When you go back the road the well is at your right hand side. It is right inside the ditch surrounded with bushes.
When Mrs Hartigan owned the field in which the well is there was a big ash tree near the well but she got it cut down.
The day her son and workman were cutting the tree was very wild and they cut the tree all around in to about a width of your finger but the tree would not fall so they left it there and it did not fall for hours after.
after the tree being cut the well uneaned for so now no one comes to drink the water in which there is a cure an empt reaching. if you had an empty reaching and wanted to drink the water you should come in the

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