School: Áth an Lín (B.), Baile an Gharrdha (roll number 9632)

Aughalin, Co. Limerick
Michael de Búrca
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0489, Page 207

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0489, Page 207

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    Bird, Migration, Nest, Where Built, egg, time

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    Where built.......eggs......time
    holes in ditches..white, brown spots..3 weeks
    in bushes..White with brown spots..3 weeks
    in hedges..Blue and brown spotted..3 weeks
    Eaves of houses..Brown and spotted..3 weeks
    an hedges.. light blue.. 3 weeks
    in the ground.. Black and spotted..3 weeks
    in bushes.. Blue.. 3 weeks
    in Trees.. Bright blue.. 3 weeks
    Trees and chimneys.. grey.. 3 weeks
    on Rushes..Brown.. 3 weeks
    in trees.. Spotted.. 3 weeks
    in Trees...Spotted... 3 weeks
    Rafters of house..Brown and spotted ..3 weeks
    .. a dark brown egg...3 weeks
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.