School: Ballyloghane, Caisleán Nua Thiar (roll number 8783)

Ballinloughane, Co. Limerick
S. Condún, Úna Nic Ádhaimh

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An Old Story

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0487, Page 249

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An Old Story 22-11-'37
There was once a poor old man that lived in an old thatched house, with his wife. Their names were Bridget and Paddy Lane. They had two cows and one night the two of them were talking where would they get money to pay the rent because the Land Lord would evict them from their place.
Paddy said that he would sell one of the cows. He set out very early next morning because they had no clock to know the time. He was walking away along the road until he came to a fort and a little man came out of the fort and he had an old wheel in his hand, and he said to Paddy will you sell the cow, and Paddy said what will you give me for her, and the little man said I will give you this wheel and when you go home tell your wife spread a clean white cloth on the table and say "Do your duty."
When he went home he got all things ready and he laid the wheel upon the table. He said "Do your duty" and at once all kinds of fruit came upon the table, and another time he said to the wheel the same thing and money came and Paddy paid the Land Lord and ever afterwards the two of them

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Peggie Keane
Ballyine, Co. Limerick
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Ballyine, Co. Limerick