School: Moneymohill, Shanagolden (roll number 8395)

Moneymohill, Co. Limerick
Máire Ní Liain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0484, Page 184

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0484, Page 184

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  1. There was a man one time. His name was Bill Cummane and he had a lot of land. There was a fort in the middle of one field. When he was setting the potatoes he turned the scultees (the word used here for potato ridges) and he drew out the manure. All being ready, they were going to set the potatoes that day, but he said it would be too late, so he left them until the next day. So that night, he was going in after milking the cows. It was about eight o'clock, and he saw men with horses and carts drawing away the manure. That night when he was in bed he heard a knock at the window, but he never answered. He got very weak and he died.
    Next day his wife went out to the fort,
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    Paddy Costelloe
    Carrons, Co. Limerick