School: Kyle (An Chill) (roll number 4442)

Kyle, Co. Cork
Tomás Ó Cathasaigh

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Marriage Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0397, Page 074

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Long ago it was the custom to get married on Shrove because it was supposed to be the luckiest time. It is very unlucky to get married in May. There were old proverbs about getting married. Married in January hoare and rhime widowed you will be before your prime. Married in February sleepy weather life you will tread in tune together. Married when March winds shrill and roar your home will be on a foreign shore. Married in April changeful bowers. Married when bees are May blossoms flit strangers around your hord will sit. Married in month of roses June your life will be a long honey moon. Married in red you wish you were dead. Married in grey you will go far away. Married in blue your lover is true. Married in brown you will live out of town. Married in pink your spirits will sink. Married in green ashamed to be seen. Married in black you wish yourself back. Married in white chosen all right. Married in yellow ashamed of your fellow. Long ago when the people got married the man would call for the girl and she would sit on the man's lap on a pillon. When they would be getting married the girl would have a briar for a hoop around her dress. She would have a chreechen bend tied around her

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Kathleen O' Connor
Knockmonalea West, Co. Cork
Mr T. Keane
Knockmonalea West, Co. Cork