School: Cill Mathúna (roll number 1928)

Shanagarry, Co. Cork
C. Ó Muirighthe
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0395, Page 113

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0395, Page 113

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  1. Marriages long ago were quite different to what they are nowadays. From Little Xmas day until Ash Wednesday was the special time for marriages. Long ago marriages used to be celebrated in the brides house or sometimes in the church. That day after the marriage the pair that were married with their friends used to go round the country for a drive in side cars. That night the brides friends and the bridegrooms friends and a crowd of other people which they called a corson gathered together and went to the brides house and usually had an all nights dance and whisky and wine and all sorts of drink and plenty to eat. When they were match making the parents used to make the match in publicks houses and it often happened that the bride never saw the bridegroom till
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    Michael Mullany
    Ballybane, Co. Cork