School: Churchtown (Baile an Teampoill) (roll number 1132)

Churchtown, Co. Cork
Liam Ó Briain

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Festivals - Shrove

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0395, Page 030

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It is the custom on Shrove Tuesday night for people to make pancakes. This custom is still kept up and on Shrove Tuesday night the woman of the house makes pancakes for the supper.

On Shrove Tuesday night a crowd of boys dress up in old clothes. They go around to the houses where an old maid or an old bachelor lives. They make an old woman for the bachelor by getting a turnip for the head and a bag of straw for the body. They dress it in old clothes and they put it up on the pier. For the old maid they make an old man. This is called the Stócach. Sometimes they make an old man or an old woman on the wall with paint. This is often very annoying because it is very hard to remove the stains.