School: Áth Dúna, Gleann an Phréacháin, Mainistir Fhearmuighe (roll number 12542)

Chimneyfield, Co. Cork
Seán Ó Duinnshléibhe
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0382, Page 435

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0382, Page 435

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    The Midwife.
    In every locality in Ireland there was an experienced woman who was the midwife or "rabbit catcher" as they called her.
    The following story was related by the old woman Eibhlín ní Cróinín, 89 bliana d'aois.
    It was the custom for the man whose wife was sick to bring a horse for the midwife. She rode behind the man on the pillon.
    One night a call was given at the midwife's house, she got up, dressed and went on horse back. They went on and on until he reaches a lios. The door or entrance was open, outside the door was a girl, who spoke to the woman and told her not to eat anything, and when she was leaving not to accept any payment, but to ask for a plaster for her sick daughter. When the midwife entered, there was great feasting and enjoyment, she was asked to partake of something, but she refused. She asked for the woman in labour and one of the inhabitants conducted her to the room.
    Soon after the baby was born and there was a great rí-rá amongst the inhabitants of the lios.
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    Eibhlín Ní Cróinín
    Aghabullogue, Co. Cork