School: Cnoc na Biolaraighe

Watergrasshill, Co. Cork
Dll. Mac Carrthaigh

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Cnoc na Biolaraighe | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0382, Page 043

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Hand-woven cloths.- I have in my possession, a hand-woven table-cloth, sheet and towel, got from Bridget Dunlea.* They belonged to her mother, before she got married, so that they are well over a hundred years old, but they are in excellent condition. The sheet has a sewing down the middle. The table-cloth is rather coarse and very heavy, but the towel is of a beautiful texture. All are marked in tiny cross-stitch with the owners' initials M.B.H. (Mary. B. Hayes)

*[?] in Glenville [?] Ardnagaoithe Watergrasshill died[?] about 3 yrs ago aged 90.

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The Dunlea's farm-house was a thatched house with a very large kitchen. The front door had (and still has) a half-door and the kitchen also contained till recent years a large "settle" bed, which was folded up by day to a roomy seat. Many of these settle beds are still to be found in this district.
Up till quite recently there were always travellers poor men & women, in the habit of coming to the house

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