School: Cnoc na Biolaraighe

Watergrasshill, Co. Cork
Dll. Mac Carrthaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0382, Page 012

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0382, Page 012

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  1. Historical Stories

    Quite close to this village on the south West side, ...

    Quite close to his village on the South West side - in fact portion of the village is built in it - is the townland of Mitchelsfort. It is said locally that it takes its name from one Colonel Mitchel who acquired it after the Cromwellian confiscations.
    The following story in connection with it is related by Maurice Ahern, postman, who heard the story from his father who died aged 87 years in 1925. This old man, Andrew Ahern, was born in this parish and lived all his life in the parish.
    According to the story; After Cromwell had subdued the country he paid his officers and soldiers with the estates and lands of the Irish Catholic landholders. One of these officers or soldiers got as his portion the lands of this town land, which we now know as "Mitchelsfort". It would appear that he had walked a considerable distance in search of his newly acquired property and was sitting down quite exhausted when Mitchel came along. The stranger stopped him and asked him if he knew where the property- naming it - was. Mitchel replied and said it was miles away from him and he then remarked[?] "I would sell it this minute for a five pound note." "If you would" said Mitchel "I will give you £5 for it" and there and then they struck a bargain for the £5 and Mitchel became the owner of the estate to which he gave the name Mitchelsfort. He built the residence now known as Fell's fort, then known as Mitchelsfort. The property was afterwards acquired about eighty years ago by
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