School: Cnoc na Biolaraighe

Watergrasshill, Co. Cork
Dll. Mac Carrthaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0382, Page 007

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0382, Page 007

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    had some drink taken. When he went beyond the Skahana bridge he noticed something dark near the fence. However, he walked on, but on looking back the object was still following so he began to run but the ghost began to run also. He never stopped until he ran in home. It was the custom that time to keep fowl in the kitchen and the cock was usually perched over the back door and on coming in he flew out and crew, on the following morning he was found dead in the yard.
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  2. About thirty years ago there was a post man in Watergrasshill and he used to be alway's drinking and stopping out late at night. One night he was going home to his house in Mitchel's fort he got a great fright. When he came to the top of the passage that was leading to his house all of a sudden a black figure in the form of a woman appeared before him and would not leave him go any farther. Then he turned back and went inside the fence to go home across the field, but when he was about half way across she appeared before him again, and he got such a fright the second time that he only turned around and ran as fast as he could to a neighbour's cottage that was near by. When he went in he was very pale and the people of the house remarked it to him and then he told them what happened to him. But they only laughed at him and and told him that it was only his imagination and so after a while he went out again.
    This time he went a different way but she appeared before him
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    Joseph Curtin
    Watergrasshill, Co. Cork
    Matt Crowley
    Mitchellsfort, Co. Cork