School: Glenahulla, Mitchelstown (roll number 12446)

Glennahulla, Co. Cork
Máiréad Bean Uí Réagáin

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Folklore - St Fanahan's Well Mitchelstown

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0376, Page 068

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A little more folklore on the above well.

St Fanahan's well is situated quite close to Mitchelstown near the old Abbey of Brigown, the ancient Church of St Fanahan's. The majority of the stories connected with the well and St Fanahan are mostly folklore or tradition as the saint came to this place early in the sixth century.
He is supposed to have come from the north of Ireland and was told in a vision to travel on until a little bell which he carried would ring from itself. He travelled on until he came near Mitchelstown when the bell commenced to ring, so he built a little Church there and called the place " Tang Reissa " and later built a

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