School: Glenahulla, Mitchelstown (roll number 12446)

Glennahulla, Co. Cork
Máiréad Bean Uí Réagáin

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Folklore - Ruins of Churches and Monasteries

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0376, Page 014

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There is a ruin of a church or a monastery in every graveyard. There is a ruin of a Catholic church in the graveyard of Marshalstown and there is a Protestant church standing there also which is in very good repair yet. There is a ruin of a monastery in the graveyard of Mologga. Long ago St Mologga founded this monastery and he and the monks taught the true faith there. It is said that St Mologga threw a stone from Mologga graveyard to Corrogurm where there was a graveyard for the burial of babies, a distance of about three miles. The prints of his fingers remained on the stone after throwing it. Then he threw it from there to Labbamologga about the same distance. Then there were the prints of fifteen fingers on the stone, resembling the fifteen mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The stone landed in the field outside the graveyard of Labbamologga and some people took the stone and put it on the wall of the graveyard and next morning the stone was back in the same place in the field. A great number of people

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Máiréad Bean Uí Réagáin