School: Dromina, Ráth Luirc (roll number 11262)

Dromina, Co. Cork
Daniel Hishon

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0367, Page 395

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STORY 29-3-1938

There was a man travelling around this district long ago and his name was Owen O’Sullivan,, but he was better known by the name of Owen Rue because he had red hair. He was able to work wibtchcrafts and he had a red pig and nobody would buy the pig because he was enchanted. The pig was known by the name of the Much Ruadh. It is said that everything he had was named Ruadh and everyplace he visited was names Ruadh.
He was able to work witchcraft and especially where three parishes met. It is said he worked it at Coolafora where the three parishes of Liscarroll, Churchtown and Ballyhea meet. It is said he asked a woman for a cup of milk and she refused him. He worked witchcraft and she began dancing and she could not stop.. Her husband and servant boy were out working and they were waiting for their dinner. It was hours after dinner time but still there was no call for the dinner.. He sent in the boy to see if the dinner was ready and as soon as he got inside the door he saw the woman and the servant girl dancing he began to dance too and could not stop.
The farmer was waiting in the field but nobody came and he became very angry. He ran

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Bridget Browne
Ballynatrilla, Co. Cork
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Ballynatrilla, Co. Cork