School: Baile Theas (C.), Malla (roll number 4954)

Ballyhass, Co. Cork
Bríd Bean Uí Dhála

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The Battle of Knocknanuss 1647

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0365, Page 092

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Lord Taffe was at this time in charge of the Irish troops in the South and would not fight Inichiquin who was in charge of the confedate army and both armies met at Knocknanuss on November 13th 1647. The Irish lines extended from Garrison near Kilbrin to Buttevant. Inchiquin had placed his best regiments opposite Alister Mac Donnell's men whom he greatly feared. The Irish on the right wing attacked and drove the English to the walls of Mallow.

Alister Mac Donnell was second in command of the Irish army. Taffe charged and captured Inchiquin's camp and drove the English to the walls of Mallow. Taffe's soldiers pillaged the camp and became drunk and disorderly and refused to fight. Taffe from his place saw that Mac Donnell was in danger. Some of the officers said they would go to his aid. Taffe was jealous of Alister Mac Donnell and said he would shoot the first man who went to his Aid.
Mac Donnell then charged and also Inchiquin. Some of the Irish soldiers and officers treacherously

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