School: Cnoc na Groighe (B.), Ráth Mhór

Knocknagree, Co. Cork
Díarmuid Ó Muimhneacháin

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Cnoc na Groighe (B.), Ráth Mhór | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0358, Page 400

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father to perpetuate the family name. A com cliamain of my own who has five daughters and only one son refused to send that son to college although he was a very intelligent boy, because, the father said to me, "I'd have no one for the place." He did not recognise a daughter as a suitable person to inherit the old holding - the name would die.
The father's duties are not yet completed. He must invite a man and a woman to act as sponsers Here also there are certain recognised customs, old and new.
The very old ones laid down that the father's family had the sole right to sponser the first child either his father and mother if alive and able or the father and sister or brother and sister etc. while for the second child the mothers family have the right. For the other children both families were mixed according to the name of the child. e.g. the fifth child (Michael) named after his paternal uncle - that uncle and his wife

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Díarmuid Ó Múimhneacháin