School: Lismire, Áth Treasa

Lismire, Co. Cork
John Hishon
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0352, Page 134

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0352, Page 134

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  1. There are four forges in the parish of Kanturk. The owners of these forges have been smiths for many years. There are three forges in Kanturk, and one in Bawnmore on the roadside not far from the cross roads.
    The walls of the forge are usally of stones and mortar and the roof is supposed to be of felt or thatch. The door is wide and high and sometimes it is the shape of a horse shoe. There is but one fire place in the local forges. The bellows is somewhat the shape of an ordinary fan bellows erected near the hob.
    The implements a smith works with are an anvil sledge
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    1. activities
      1. economic activities
        1. trades and crafts (~4,680)
          1. smithing (~2,389)
    Máire Ní Cadhla