School: Lismire, Áth Treasa

Lismire, Co. Cork
John Hishon
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0352, Page 120

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0352, Page 120

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  1. My father told me that very few people wore boots in his grandfather's time.
    Even in his own time people did not wear any boots until they were about fifteen or sixteen years of age. It was very uncommon to find any child at school wearing boots or shoes from May until October, while at present very few lads go barefoot for any length of time in school. The feet were always washed before going to bed and the water was immediately thrown out, as there is an old superstition that this water should not be left inside over night. Shoemakers as a rule are not as numerous now as they were long ago, though there are far more boots and shoes worn at the present day. There are lots of boot factories now-a-days, and it is from them most of there boots are bought. Clogs were worn long ago by every person and they were very cheap though rough, but comfortable and dry and were supposed to cure
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    Mícheál Ó Ceallacháin
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