School: Teamhair, Áth Treasna

Taur, Co. Cork
Dd. Ó Súillleabháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0351, Page 459

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0351, Page 459

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  1. About eighty years ago, a very strong man, named
    Seán Burns lived near Duagh in Co. Kerry, not far from
    the border line of Co. Cork and Co. Limerick. He was noted
    for his feats of strength.
    It is said "He was travelling, one day, through the
    country and went into a forge, where he was not known.
    When the smith turned to the fire, to take out a red hot
    iron, this man caught the anvil by the horn with one
    hand, and held it behind his back. When the smith
    turned around, the anvil was missing, and he was
    amazed to see this man holding the anvil with one
    hand behind his back. The smith said "you must be
    the devil or Seán Burns from Duagh" Sean "said I am
    that very man"
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  2. "another version"
    Seán Burns, lived between Rockchapel and Abbeyfeale, he
    was a very srong man. It is said "whenever he visited
    the local forge at Taur, Newmarket Co Cork. He lifted
    the anvil, weighing 2½ cwts, with one hand, above his head.
    This feat was witnessed by the local blacksmith, now
    deceased and other residents of Taur.
    On another occasion, while Seán was engaged carting
    a load of stones from Rockchapel to Newmarket, the horse
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    Edward Mc Sweeney
    Taur, Co. Cork
    Eugene O' Connell
    c. 80
    Taur, Co. Cork