School: Teamhair, Áth Treasna

Taur, Co. Cork
Dd. Ó Súillleabháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0351, Page 443

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0351, Page 443

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    He had a workman, whom he sent every year to assist
    his neighbours, and they would send help to mow and
    save the hay of this meadow.
    It failed him one year, to get the necessary help, to
    mow the meadow on a day. The workman got so frightened
    of his master for this drawback, he went out alone through
    the night to cut a part of the meadow. When he commenced
    to sharpen his scythe, he heard a voice saying "edge
    your scythe well and take time with it."
    When he had his scythe sharpened, he began to cut
    a swath in the corner of the meadow, he again heard
    the same voice, which told him, "mow a swath through
    the middle of the meadow, and don't look back until
    your reach the stream at the other side of the field."
    He did, as commanded, and when he reached the
    other side of the meadow, he looked back, he did
    not know his own swath, because all the meadow
    was cut, and full of swaths, like the one he had
    Ever since that field is called pairc na bpucai
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  2. The hill overlooking Taur School, is called locally
    Bo. Cartaigh. Long ago a man whom the people called
    Fear a bo Cartaig appeared on several occasions
    after sunset, crying and bemoaning his fate.
    It is said, that the local people after consulting with
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